If you think flying private means paying a lot of money for complete control of your travel experience, well, you’re about half right.

XOJET operates globally, but is mostly known for serving the New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco markets. It owns the industry’s newest fleet, offers the best customer service, and has a real and tangible passion for helping people travel in style.

Unfortunately, the private aviation industry is riddled with disreputable brokers and insolvent airlines. Every customer has a horror story to share—old planes, bad food, uneven service, even shady billing practices. It’s so bad that no matter how much XOJET marketed its great service, prospective customers just wouldn’t listen. We knew we had to not only rebrand the company, but also rebrand the idea of service within the industry.

Novio worked with the company’s top leadership to articulate a brand story and develop a design sensibility that was authentic, distinct, and could serve as the basis for all future communications. And we distilled the strategy down to a single phrase that serves as both a daily challenge to XOJET employees and an open invitation to customers.



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