How we work.

The way we like to work is somewhat…atypical.

First off, we mostly only partner with people who own the brand: C-level executives, company founders, entrepreneurs, board members—basically, people who are looking to solve real, tough business problems.

We start by spending time with a company’s leadership—brainstorming, strategizing, and arguing—until we all arrive at something honest and true and provocative together. The key part here is: together. We don’t black box our creative process or come up with “clever” ideas in a vacuum. That’s why we won’t work with anyone who doesn’t have real passion (and some skin in the game) for their brand, or who isn’t ready to extend a brand throughout their entire organization, not just the marketing department.

Creative consiglieri

Secondly, we’re not looking to be anyone’s agency of record. We’re here to do the part of this business we happen to love—lay a robust foundation that a company can build on.

If we’ve done our job right and the story is as compelling as it should be, we’ll be more than able to instruct other people on how to share and expand upon it. To this point, our engagements with brands tend to be short, meaningful, and extremely productive.

Short and sweet

Thirdly, we run lean. Really lean. And so, to get work done, our unique business model enables us to focus on providing clients with the best of the best talent to meet their specific objectives, and only those people. Meaning, we’re not going to put a technology writer with time on his hands on your cat food business.

Fourth, since we don’t have lots of people to house, we also don’t have a house. We’re completely virtual and have been since day one. And by forgoing the fancy lobby and hip conference rooms, we have even more reason to be embedded in your office.

Like we said, it’s all a bit atypical. But why would anyone aspire to being typical?

Best of breed

What we do