Making kids healthier is what most children’s hospitals do, but at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals, the goal is to make every child healthier.

They work toward this goal in a dizzying array of ways—nationwide public health initiatives, global research, community outreach programs, and, of course, by enabling some of the most talented pediatricians on the planet to treat tens of thousands of kids across the Bay Area every year.

But if communicating all that wasn’t enough of a challenge, we also needed to get across something much harder to capture: a large, multifaceted organization’s true passion, commitment, and humanity for all children.

And finally, we needed to connect this campaign to the new brand work we’d launched in 2015.

By working with the same documentary team that had partnered with Novio the previous year, we were able to maintain a consistent look and feel, explore new ways to tell powerful but familiar stories, and set a template for storytelling across the enterprise for years to come.

The resulting campaign featured two distinct creative approaches: executions that focused on the more emotional side of the story (TV spots and billboards) and ones that highlighted the groundbreaking work UCSF Benioff doctors and researchers do every single day (radio, digital, and short films).


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