Old-school banks evaluate clients based on assets and track records. Silicon Valley Bank has a different approach—understanding people and their amazing business ideas.

But faced with a changing marketplace and increased competition, SVB needed to update their storytelling, design, and branding. Unfortunately, this process began months before they called us—it didn’t come about in a structured, linear way, and the pieces weren’t adding up to support a big, compelling idea.

So Novio started by first hunkering down with SVB’s leadership team to develop an overarching narrative that would help position SVB as the preeminent financial partner of the global innovation economy.

We then developed an extensive internal campaign that not only simply articulated the nuances of the new brand story, but also helped make every employee a better brand ambassador.

The brand’s public launch took place at SXSW, where we debuted the new look and feel across various touch points, including SVB’s customer venue.

Postlaunch, we guided SVB in their efforts to re-skin their website, reimagine various banking platforms, and develop new customer engagement opportunities—both digital and physical.

Finally, we wrote extensive brand guidelines and a unique brand “owner’s manual” to ensure that everyone who touches the SVB brand understands not only what they should and shouldn’t do, but also why.

Brand owner’s manual

Thought leadership platform

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