Big data isn’t getting any smaller. But the struggle enterprises have today is not just with the volume and velocity of data, it’s also with the variety.

Platfora was founded on a bold premise: the questions businesses need to ask and answer today need to be much more complex and nuanced. This requires a solution that is intuitive, combines different kinds of data, and demands far less support from IT.

The problem was that Platfora launched their bold idea with a bold, but not particularly pleasing, brand. (Sort of the let’s-wear-the-loudest-dress-to-the-party approach to getting noticed.)

Novio was asked to help them figure out how to develop a brand story that stayed true to their provocateur nature, but was sophisticated and thoughtful.

The core of the idea was a reminder (and a bit of a challenge) to their customers: You should know. You should know answers to complex questions. You should know more about your customers. You should know how to help your business succeed. This idea (and its attitude) informed a design upgrade and a complete overhaul of their website.

Since the relaunch, we’ve continued to serve as Platfora’s creative brain trust, helping them hone messaging, launch campaigns, and retool designs.

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