Data integration software. Not exactly the stuff of lively cocktail chatter. But the truth is, life in the 21st century kind of depends on it.

Informatica makes software that helps companies manage and use the mountains of data we’re all constantly generating. And they’ve been quietly doing this long before the era of smartphones, social networks, or drones delivering books were part of the zeitgeist.

By 2012, senior management realized that the company had evolved to the point where being known for great products wasn’t enough. Informatica, who in many respects defined the category more than twenty years ago, needed to compete for market and mind-share against a host of newer, smaller, buzzier players. They needed to figure out how to leverage their past, while better positioning themselves for the future.

So we embedded ourselves for a couple of weeks at their offices—sitting in meetings, poking around the engineering department, and working closely with the CEO and CMO to understand their business challenges, products, and customers. These conversations formed the basis of a core truth: Informatica’s software may require an advanced degree to understand, but the amazing things it enables people to unlock does not.

Starting with the basics

Every now and then, you get a chance to reimagine a company from the ground up. This was one of those times. By combining a Bauhaus aesthetic with a data-centric view of the world, we were able to develop a look and tone that was dynamic but timeless, primary but also incredibly intricate—exactly what an exciting data company brand should feel like.

Logo refresh

Data overlays

Business cards

Icon library

Employee photography

Putting potential to work

Not surprisingly, data companies live most of their lives online. So once we'd developed the kit of parts, we had the task of putting all the pieces together: building websites, developing campaigns, and creating content for every part of the organization.

Innovation site design

“Potential at Work” thought leadership communities

Vibe software engine logo and site design

Keeping the party going

Over the last year we’ve continued to have the opportunity to help the company grow into their new brand—from designing employee events and dressing up Informatica World to partnering with their architects on the new Informatica headquarters and helping the marketing teams create trade show booths.

Informatica World 2013

Informatica Cloud booth and promotion design

“Ready” campaign

Since the initial brand refresh, Informatica has asked us to develop campaign platforms every year to launch new product initiatives. For the “Ready” campaign, we created a custom, 3-D animation that we leveraged in video and digital, as well as print.


Event signage

Thought leadership