Where do apps come from? Well, for most companies, they used to be the product of shotgun weddings between internal engineering teams and random offshore development vendors. GlobalLogic, founded and based in Bangalore, used to be one of those suitors…er, vendors.

But today, the landscape has shifted. Big consulting firms like IBM and Accenture are now advising corporate clients on not just apps and websites but points-of-sale kiosks and smart products. So they’re not just working with the IT departments. Clients include heads of sales organizations, CMOs—even CEOs strategizing new ways to engage customers using technology and design.

What was GlobalLogic to do? They had a reputation for excellent technical chops, but after a series of acquisitions (that included the renowned design firm Method), they also needed to convince potential customers (and future employees) that they were a brand with real strategic and creative capabilities. The type of partner that could not only make things quickly but imagine things differently.

So they asked Novio to take GlobalLogic brand and use it as the foundation for a new way to talk about who they are and what they do. For us, it was an opportunity to take an existing brand with a lot of great elements and figure out how to get them to work better together in advertising, internal communications, collateral, and employee recruitment materials.

And for GlobalLogic, it was a chance to learn how to tell their story in more meaningful ways across an ever-evolving business landscape. That’s a “happily ever after” ending if there ever was one.


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