Everyone knows the companies that sell the latest gadgets. Nobody knows the company that engineers the brilliant technology inside them.

Based in Cambridge, England, CSR is an award-winning developer of technology that enhances everything from iPhones to Nike Fuel bands to Beats headphones. If you’re holding a piece of technology and it does something cool, chances are CSR had something to do with it.

CSR is a hugely successful billion-dollar corporation, but it had grown over the years through acquisition; it was really a company or companies. Not only did their market not understand what their story was, the people inside the company couldn’t tell you either. When the new CMO came on board he decided the brand needed to be rebuilt, not from the bottom up, but from the top down.

Over the course of a few months, we worked directly with the CMO, CEO, and members of the board. Together, we figured out what was truly unique about CSR: the mad scientists who work there and the culture of invention they foster. And we discovered that even though the company was a very friendly, very British place to work, it was actually a really competitive workplace.

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