We’re 5! Anyway, on to more important news.

We were going to throw an office party to celebrate Novio’s fifth year of kicking ass and taking names, but then someone pointed out that we don’t have an office. So, we’re going with plan B, which to be honest, is much, much better than plan A.

Plan B: Let’s give money to the caregivers, patients, and families at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals, and then ask our friends, colleagues, partners, clients—heck, even our in-laws—to give some money, too.

Yeah, we know, it’s not free beer and canapés, but Paul makes a compelling case, anyway. Just watch.

To recap: You guys make a small donation, we match the first $15,000, and a whole bunch of sick kids and the people who love and care for them feel a tiny bit better. Damn, that’s simple.

So, please give what you can. And if you’re still hankering for canapés, call Paul. He’s always down for some hot canapé action.

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